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Immunofluorescence is a technique which is used in targeting specific biomolecules present in a cell by the effective use of fluorescent dyes and a fluorescence microscope. The technique is mostly used in the analysis and study of microbiological samples. It takes advantage of the exclusive specificity of antibodies to antigen and…

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Admissibility of Evidences in the Indian Courts

Physical evidences pertain to objects that establish a crime and aide in producing an effective connection between the perpetrator(s) and victim(s) to the crime itself. They are significant in judicial proceedings in proving the innocence and/or guilt of the defendant(s). These evidences include hair, glass, footprints, weapons, blood, clothes, documents,…

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Credit Card Fraud

Whenever fraud is committed using credit card or any other card, it is cumulatively classified as credit card fraud. Their aim may be to make use of the card for monetary transactions, obtain different services and comfort products.  The security system which plays a key role in preventing this is…

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Speech Signal Processing & Pattern Recognition

Processing of a speech signal and its effective recognition of pattern starts with accurate analysis through Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Speech Understanding (SU), two subsystems of Speech Recognition System. This system in forensic cases is especially beneficial in recognising recordings of confession statements, illegal trading, trafficking etc. by transcribing…

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Trust between Machines

Every relationship in this world runs on trust. Be it between traders who support each other through the rough seas or the teacher-student duo who rely on each other for imparting and accepting knowledge or even in the family that trust each other’s instincts and believe in their honesty. When…

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