Solitude of Monotony

starlight-014  It’s more often than not, that we, the not so adventurous and spontaneous folk, find ourselves in what I call as the jigsaw of life!

A vast Labrinth, where we somehow always take the same path, only expecting an out-of-the-box outcome.

Well.. let me ease your medical bills my friends….. That is not the case!

We get up at the same time everyday, brush and poop the same way, go to our school or office,cursing the hell out of that one annoying teacher or boss for ruining our already boring life and still continue to work for the bills waiting for us at our coffee table.

We dress the same way and even if we think of squeezing a bit of the closet hipster in us… Chances are that plan is gonna be an epic fail.

We almost always have only one menu with a painfully obvious variety of dishes that though we are tired of eating day in and day out, we folks don’t have an option!!!! Especially when you don’t want to burn the house down!!!

But you know what…. Once in a while there comes that one moment…. When you get to witness the life of someone who has everything you wish to have, yet is unhappy……. And you are all of a sudden satisfied with your quaint little life, though lacking the fun, bountiful with contentment and people to love you and call your own…. After all, that’s what life is all about,

The Little Things

Published by Allena Andress

||Bibliophile|| Biotechnologist|| Aspiring Forensic Science specialist|| Researcher|| Closet singer and dancer|| Motivational Speaker||

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