Propriety in Beauty

“Wow, she is hot” or “Oh my God, He is so handsome”- these comments are not new to us…. It’s something we have always heard, especially in our college years. We as part of this stereotypical society, tag a particular set of features as beautiful and discard the rest as ugly.

From the common man to the super power countries, discrimination against colour, race, gender is not new, but what about the screams of help that are ignored and often suppressed because we think that girls and guys that are ‘FAT’ don’t deserve our help.

Why should girls feel empty from within when they don’t have the liberty of shopping for cute dresses, take crazy, off-beat selfies with equally crazy friends, go on fun tours without caring about what to wear or how they look, dance to their heart’s content, sing songs in loud obnoxious voices without being intimidated by others?

Why must guys be frowned upon if they don’t fit the description of tall, dark and handsome? Why should it matter, if they have a 6 or an 8 pack or none at all.

After all isn’t this all a fluke for being healthy? What is a healthy body without a healthy mind?

People don’t realize that being fat isn’t a choice, more often than not, it’s got a lot to do with your genes than your eating habits. Your metabolic rate might be as slow as a snail causing a gigantic pile up of proteins, carbohydrates and fats that inevitably just get stored and become an unwanted part of you. I’ve seen people that can eat truckloads and not gain a single pound and when the same people make off handed comments about fat and ugly, it hurts. It’s painful to be handicapped with turmoil and self-doubt, to be shameful of how you look and judge yourself in order to lessen the burden of knowing everyone around you judges you over something you have no control over.

Adolescence is where we our most vulnerable. It’s where our mind is the most fragile, like clay, bendable in any shape or form with often society as the potter. ‘Am I worth anything?’ – is a question no person should ever ask themselves. Depression, panic attacks, anorexia, bulimia are some of the disorders that affect the mind more than one’s body.

They choke on words, their emotions suffocating them, dying to do what they really want but too afraid to step into the light. You know there are people, who really don’t care how you look but that inner confused soul that craves assurance is too scared to take the easy road.

All they really want is acceptance, the assurance that it doesn’t matter how you look, you’re beautiful and loved the way you are.

Acceptance is greater than love for one doesn’t seek compromise in it and you are who you are. If you can accept yourself, you can love yourself! 

Published by Allena Andress

||Bibliophile|| Biotechnologist|| Aspiring Forensic Science specialist|| Researcher|| Closet singer and dancer|| Motivational Speaker||

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