Blood or Water

Saroo Brierley’s book- ‘A long way home‘ which recently was adapted as a featured film-‘ Lion‘ reflects on something that is still considered a taboo in several parts of the world.

Have you ever heard the saying- ” Blood is thicker than water“? It originally meant that family relations are stronger than friends. It also meant apparently that bonds formed by blood covenant are stronger than those tied to the womb.

Quite contradictory!

But ……..Does it really?

Saroo is a child who though lived a life well loved, he craved the knowledge of his identity, to get a chance in life where for once he could call the place where he lived – HOME. This lonliness he felt while being  a surrounded by a crowd he called family led him to search across the earth . Mind you, it was not an easy task……. It hurt to be reminded again and again that somehow something didn’t fit in, that somehow he didn’t belong. This led him to his actual birth mother, living in a small unmarked village of Ganesh Talai in India…… Reunited after so many years, she was again reminded of the little boy who brought mangoes for her, picked stones from the coal train so that his little sister could have milk every day…… She was reminded of her little boy, her beautiful boy, who, though looked different, was the same brave young man she always knew he would grow to be.

For Saroo, this moment was precious for though he was meeting his birth mother after a long time, he never forgot the woman who took care of him all these years and molded him into what he was today…….

He could never forget the sacrifices she did, all the pain she endured watching him through the night from fever, the sleepless nights she had hoping nobody came claiming him as their child for he was hers and hers only! This was purely her motherly instinct… For she actually never wished him to be oblivious of his roots. She rejoiced with him, for she knew, her son had finally found the missing piece, and he was complete.

That’s the beauty of parenthood– all you need is love. Whether it’s your birthmother or adopted mother….. A mothers love remains the same….She is that one person who can forgive and forget the innumerable mistakes her child makes for she knows, if she can’t accept her imperfectly perfect child…. Then WHO will!

Adoption is beautiful gift that you can give to a child. You become the eyes and ears of the child, holding his hand and making sure he knows to get up when he falls for the trickster that is life; when he knows that when he closes his eyes at night, your are there to watch his dreams and help him during his nightmares…. Blood is nothing if it’s not faithful! And if God could change water to wine why can’t water become blood!!

Published by Allena Andress

||Bibliophile|| Biotechnologist|| Aspiring Forensic Science specialist|| Researcher|| Closet singer and dancer|| Motivational Speaker||

4 thoughts on “Blood or Water

  1. If you wrote it then you really have something special .
    I was moved by it
    I have to say , pretty amazing .
    It made me realise the importance of having a family and the closeness one gets while being surrounded by his or her loved ones
    Loved it 👍🏻😊


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