Road trips are the best medicine for life!

26 June 2017 was the best day of this whole year!!!!

Why you ask? Well!I went on a road trip to ladakh! Now my far more superior fellow blog writers, I know most of you are aware of this place because it is in actual a very popular tourist destination in Northern India!

This untreaded beauty is not rich in green, au contraire, it’s as barren as they come; but don’t be quick to judge for even these dry lands can warn the coldest hearts.

The whole journey from Jammu in J&k to leh took us three days because we made major pit-stops in Srinagar and Kargil.

You do find two things throughout this journey – one, the uncontrollable sense of liberation that arises when you are among the strong and majestic nature. Knowing you are a tiny speck in comparison, that your problems and shortcomings are of no consequence and that you don’t have people staring at you while you scamper around trying to impress them;
And the other would be bikers…. lots and lots of bikers from across the globe, challenging the mother earth and being all glorious about it…. it’s actually very funny to watch them carrying bags and huge petrol cans tied around the bikes. But it takes guts to travel in a bike, alone and face any problem that comes all on your own, so we gotta commend them for that!

These are some of the places that are a must see in Leh:-


Thikshey Monastery☝

The above picture is of Vijapath in Drass– the second coldest inhabited place on earth. Vijapath is a memorial erected in the memory of all those brave soldiers who lost their lives in the Kargil War.

Most of the time it’s Royal Enfield that graces us with its majestic built on the road, but it’s not so majestic when it breaks down and you are stranded thinking- Now What!!!?

There are even ski-riders whom you will find giving rides in the electronic bikes from high up the mountains. This can be found once you reach the Gumri . This is the first place that you would after crossing the treacherous pass of- The Zozila Pass.

One should definitely check all the vehicles to ensure they are in their best behaviour lest they breakdown in the middle of nowhere; and do you know how i know that, well you guessed it right- my brother’s bike broke down and that too right smack in the middle of ice cold rain and snowfall!!!!! I mean who does that!!!

Well there were few riders that were kind enough to help us, alas it was of no use… we bid them goodbye and requested a truck( load carrier) to help us out and reach it to Manali ( another hill station).

Thus began an epic journey where on one hand my brother was keeping his bike company in the truck and on the other my mother was stupified and anxious with the sudden change of plans….. but in the end all went good, with casual coffee stops at some of the most beautiful and peaceful places on earth including the 2nd highest motorable road- Tang Lang La!

We made a round trip starting from Jammu (J&K)- Srinagar- Kargil- Leh- Sarchu- Manali- and then back to Jammu.

This is What you will see when you reach manali and move forward to Jammu/Delhi.

For people wanting to make this trip, you will find accommodations almost everywhere, though there are a few stretches where you would be your only company. The people here are very friendly and supportive and don’t shy away from helping you if ever need be.

Being a massive tourist attraction spot, this journey makes you experience a range of flavours, traditions and cultures that will rest assured make you spell bound!

Also don’t be hesitant to shop, after all what’s a vacation if you can’t spend a little extra money on goodies that entice you! There is always something for everyone!

Don’t miss the highest motorable road – khardungla … it’s bone chilling up there and is advisable for people with heath conditions to not go. This is due to the fact that the extremely high altitude lowers oxygen level drastically and the tourists are advised to take deep breaths and walk slowly. Thus exerting yourself while exploring the magnificence of nature may not be good, but my friends don’t worry, the armed forces unit that is stationed there have their emergency medical kit equipped with oxygen cylinders in case of any such problem.

Even though my family and I went for the 5th time to Ladakh (And still feel like going), this place must be seen by all at least once… I guarantee you that you won’t regret it!

It’s a trip that can’t be forgotten and imprints itself among the fondest memories you will ever make in your life.

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