Quarantine Doodles

There is a lot to do and yet my brain is muddled with confusion. I know I couldn’t possibly be the only one who feels like this, so I thought It’d be nice to direct this confusion into creating something that detoxifies my brain.

We all have our quirks : some like to read ( I have a whole library to finish), some draw or paint to project their emotions, some nosedive straight into work to be productive, some catch up on pending TV shows and movie marathons ( my brother and I are yet to do this!), some bake, cook, get high, lose themselves to music, create, destroy, nurture and some let go.

No matter what your quirk is, everyone needs at least one to cope with what we as a species are going through during this apocalyptic 2020.

In my quest to search for an additional quirk ( because apparently my brain wasn’t satisfied with reading, work, movies, music and chores), I had my eureka moment with designing posters, infographics, and just plain funky stuff.

With the truckload of emotional turmoil and pain thrown at us, unwinding is mandatory, if not for you, then for the sanity of those around you. A lot of people and organisations have been doing inspirational and groundbreaking work bringing relief, shelter, peace, justice and solace to those who need.

Amidst such heroes, if your contributions seem meagre, it’s easy to feel down and hopeless. In such situations, the best thing one can do is take care of yourself,so that there is at least one person less to worry about.

If you have the ability of unwinding yourself without anyone’s assistance, then it becomes your obligation to grant yourself that courtesy, for when we are healthy, we are capable of taking care of others around us.

And so, while all this was swarming in my brain, I made a silly design using this app called #canva. It is beautiful app and one you must definitely check out. This helped me when I needed it to, hopefully someone among you would feel the same.

Just a design on emojis!😍🤓

I don’t know how much this affects or alters what you are feeing or going through but take a deep breath and let yourself go… even if for just a second. Sometimes that’s all the perspective you need.

Stay close to your safe havens everyone! Until next time…

Published by Allena Andress

||Bibliophile|| Biotechnologist|| Aspiring Forensic Science specialist|| Researcher|| Closet singer and dancer|| Motivational Speaker||

2 thoughts on “Quarantine Doodles

  1. Beautiful article . The biggest discovery that one can do is know yourself . You are sent to this world by your creator. Stay close to him , pray more , engage in your likes , learnt to be alone too !!! You are the best creation of god . 👌👍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Get high”, lol.
    I like your use of words and how you describe the most obvious of human vulnerabilities that nobody else talks about.
    Keep on sharing more and more :))

    Liked by 1 person

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