The One Beneath the Labels

A painting by Svetlana Tikhonova
She is a vintage book, an old soul with a young heart. 

A story, of love and humour with a pinch of sarcasm. 

She feels, sometimes, with a judgement that clouds her heart. 

A naive penguin, whose kindness overshadows  insecurities of her society. 

She welcomes the little cushions of comfort, 

the summer rain that wet her hands, 

the smell of a new book, 

the yellow hue of a fall sunset,

and the winter cuddles with her mother. 

A warrior whose heart glows with embers of love,

who fights just as fiercely as she loves. 

She falls deeply, cares strongly, fears constantly and lives willfully. 

She is a Woman, 
A woman of yesterday, a woman of tomorrow and a woman of today. 

Published by Allena Andress

||Bibliophile|| Biotechnologist|| Aspiring Forensic Science specialist|| Researcher|| Closet singer and dancer|| Motivational Speaker||

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