25 Book Recommendations for 2021

First of all – Happy New Year to all!!❤️ The entire world has been left dumbstruck and in a perilous condition due to the 2020 pandemic of COVID-19; and like most individuals you may also feel apprehensive about having an optimistic outlook towards 2021 (I know I do).

The last year has showed us the importance of the little things in life and that amidst all the struggles, difficulties and pain that all of us have faced, it’s important to find something that you do just for yourself. With our new normal of ‘Work from Home’, its understandable to feel that there is no private time left. Between work and managing your family, college deadlines and future prospects, threatened daily livelihoods and a global recession; the line seems to have vanished somehow and one can easily end up being frazzled. The outside world hasn’t been any kinder to us either, some having it way worse than others ( let us keep them in our prayers).

So having a little me time isn’t selfish and rather mandatory to protect your sanity and of those around you. Devote a little time for yourself by doing something you like. Something that helps you relax, makes you worry a little less about the next month’s bills, makes you a little less paranoid about touching the person next to you, helps you cope with your feelings and your situation…. something that calms your spirit and brings you from 1000 to at least a hundred.

Our ways of letting go may be several but for me, books have always been a world where I could forget everything and just be. I know the world is filled with bibliophiles and there are about a million book lists that one can refer to, at the click of a button. But if you’re like me, who hunts rare jewels amidst an expanse of heart-soaring stories, you might want to continue reading this article.

Being a student, I am quite frugal when it comes to my daily expenditure; but even so, books are always on the top of my list (after food and electricity, of course). Even though I couldn’t find a lot of ‘Me-Time’ during this lockdown, I tried my best to read as many books as I could. If you’ve got some time to kill, don’t forget to give these books a shot. I promise you won’t regret the time spent.

I could keep going, but for now, let’s explore these beautiful pearls together. Let’s venture into the minds of the characters, feel their joy, their guilt, their regrets, their selfishness, their humiliations, experience their moments of exuberance and become glorious puddles of happiness and tears.


The more you read, the more lives you live.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay happy and keep reading.

Published by Allena Andress

||Bibliophile|| Biotechnologist|| Aspiring Forensic Science specialist|| Researcher|| Closet singer and dancer|| Motivational Speaker||

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